Hi there! 😀

So, since you’re here, I bet you want to know who I am and what this blog is all about (right??).

My name is Lauren Alison but you can call me Ali for short. I’m a 19 year old college girl (a so called “nerd”) who loves to write and share as much of her experiences with others. I live in a small archipelago in Asia (guess which? :P) with my family and I enjoy all things that are fun, cute and collectible.

With that being said, I decided to create this blog, the place where I can both exercise/practice my writing skills and at the same time be able to share a ton of my experiences with those who wish to know them ^_^ This blog will contain a glimpse of my life experiences, ones that I’d really love to share with you 😀 It will also contain some random advice, tips, tricks, reviews, cute stuff, collections/collectibles and many more along those lines (and basically just anything I feel like writing lol) 😀

I guess that’s it! Welcome to my blog ^_^ I’m so happy you’ve decided to visit 😀 This is my first ever blog post and (I hope) I’ll be posting many more soon so be sure to check back regularly.

Hope you enjoy taking a glimpse of life, as I’ve known it! 😀

NOTE: My blog’s still “shitty” ’cause I’m still using defaults. I’ll fix that sometime soon 🙂


~ Ali ❤